Most parents are well aware of the Primary 3 SwimSafer program that is included into the Singapore curriculum, the government’s bid to get all kids exposed to swimming with basic proficiency. Many parents wanting to give their children an edge would enrol kids as young as 5 into swim schools to begin their training journey. A certificate, the end goal. Or is it?

I am a parent. My child a primary 3 pupil. He has been learning to swim with #TheSwimmingRoom from the time he was 6. We had just relocated to Singapore back then and being outdoors by the pool is an everyday occurrence. In view of safety, he must know water safety and open water survival skills. This is where we found we are aligned with #TheSwimmingRoom’s identity and they became our partner till today, certification aside.

Today mark the first day of SwimSafer and students were grouped according to proficiency. Out of 80 students, only 10 were grouped to be proficient enough for survival and competitive swimming. A child who had been certified outside SwimSafer to be proficient ended up swallowing mouthfuls of pool water and spent half the lesson time crying by the poolside. This child could have drown. Is your child’s life a risk worth taking in the chase for paper qualification? For that obscure meaningless edge?

Communicate honestly and work alongside your child’s educators for the benefit of your child. The children spends half their day with their educators and the other half with their carers or you as their parents. An open communication is the key to discover insights and successfully bring out the best in your child.

- p!ng